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The basic windrower/swather belt is a 1 ply rubber coated canvas type of the slat

series used by original manufacturers of swather belting.  A majority of windrower/swather belts on machines in the Australian market are either 42” wide smooth back belt or 41.6" wide belt with a vulcanized V Guide on the underside edge.


When ordering windrower/swather belting you will need to supply the following information:


1. The overall width of belt 

2. The overall length of belt - to the closest foot - so a belt slightly longer       than required can be supplied to ensure easy fitting 

3. Are joiners required? 



  1. Install heads of joiner belts so they face the direction most frequently travelled.  
  2. Remove excess material off the flap to prevent a noisy slapping effect when operating.  Trim tail end flaps to 1/4" after filling and tightening joiners. 
  3. There is a tendancy for belts to creep towards the slack side of roller.  When adjusting the roller carriage always keep the rollers parallel with each other.



The list of makes and models of available windrow/swather belting is extensive.  

Centre delivery belts/mats are also available for the most popular models.