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Wile 26Wile 26 Moisture & Temperature Meter for

         Hay & Sileage Moisture Meter Wile 26


The Wile 26 Moisture and Temperature Meter has a measurement range between 10%-70% and a moisture accuracy of +/-2%.  The memory storage calculates an average density setting.  The Wile 26 Moisture and Temperature Meter comes in a carry case with a standard probe of 46 cm (18") and there is an optional sileage probe available.                                                                     










Wile 26

Wile 26

FX-2000Delmhorst FX-2000 Moisture Meter

The Delmhorst FX-2000 is suitable not only for the small operator but also for the contractor who wishes to monitor what is happening throughout the baling process.  The FX-2000 comes complete with carry case, 10" (25 cm) probe and multi-probe as for the F-2000 but also has the added advantage of showing highs and averages of accumulated readings with set point limits and warning buzzer and lights.  Moisiture readings are between 6-40% and an 18" probe is optional.  An in-bale sensor is available as optional equipment and enables continuous monitoring as the bale is being formed.  A cable enables connection from bale sensor to tractor cabin. 


Delmhorst FX-2000

Delmhorst FX-2000

Delmhorst F-2000 


The Delmhorst F-2000 digital moisture meter is suitable for small operators who want to test their own hay or hay for purchase or re-sale.  This moisture meter has a testing range between 6-40% on hay.  The Delmorst F-2000 comes in a carry case with a standard 26 cm (10") probe and a multi-probe for testing hay in the windrower.  An alternative 46.72 cm (18") probe is also available as optional equipment.







The Wile 65 Grain Moisture Meter is a digital microprocessor for whole grains and seeds.  The Wile 65 provides direct moisture readouts for 16 grains and is quick and easy to read.  This moisture meter has a moisture range of 8%-35% for grains and 5%-25% for seeds.