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Vice Lacers and Hammer Tools

MATO's hay baler lacing sytems include the Profi 5 and Profi 7 which will install respectively 5 and 7 hooks at a time.  These vice lacers are for use in a bench vice.  The Profi 19 is wider with a splice width of 210mm (19 fasteners) which can be installed in one step.  The Eco Tool 7" has a splice width of 180mm (7") and allows belts to be spliced at the bale.


It is recommended that volume users look to the Profi Tool 14" which has a splice width of 350mm (14") and the Air Hammer and Punch which is an easier alternative to the manual punch.


CLIPPER Vice Lacers are available for all series of Clipper hooks in widths of 100mm (4"), 175mm (7") and 250mm (10").  These vice lacers are for use in a bench vice and wider belts can be laced in multiple operations.


The ALLIGATOR Rivet Fastening System includes a Portable Hand Applicator Tool which is available in widths of 175mm (7") and 350mm (14"") and can be used at the bale in the field.  There is also a Multiple Rivet Installation Tool available in widths of 175mm (7") and 350mm (14").


Pneumatic punches are also available.


When joining your own belts follow the guidelines and measuring charts.


Mato U20 Vice Lacer  

Clipper Vice Lacer  


Titan Goro Vice Lacer & Hammer Tool